Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camping at Yosemite

We took off for our
yearly vacation, needless to say it got cut short and we only went for two days, just enough time to be a little more stressed and not enough time to relax. The boys were not very happy about coming home so they fought so much the next day that it just ruined my day and I was so stressed we ended up canceling our anniversary dinner for that night. This will be an anniversary I will hope to never repeat. My husband and boys went to his families BBQ at the lake today and I stayed home and cleaned and cooked so I will have a few things I made today I will post. Here are some pictures our trip. We picked a bad week to go because all the school's were next to use and loud, when they stopped we heard the gun shots and yelling at the bears. Yes Davif slept through it. LOL

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