Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy week.

Chef Walter

So things have been a little crazy. I am taking a few classes at the college that keeps me busy but I am really enjoying both of them.
I have been cooking but between the classes, Little League, tennis, church, housework, homework, school with the boys it has been nuts.
My favorite!
But I wanted to tell you about Chef Walter.
Chef Walter is an 83 year old man who is an artist. I wish you all could had seen him in action. Stephany my cake decorating instructor asked him if he could come to class and show us what a master at cake decorating he is. He was just wonderful. I will post a few pictures for all of you to
see some of his amazing items!!
This has been sitting for awhile so the board got wet.
Stephany my amazing cake decorating instructor!
I am really enjoying learning about cake decorating, I have wanted to for about 27 years but I was busy raising kids and just never took the time.
Well I have an early day tomorrow so I bet hit the hay, it is almost 1:00am.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Luv the cake designs.

Gosh, you are very busy.

Take care and get some rest!