Monday, July 3, 2017

Chimichurri Steak Home Chef meal #3

Hello everyone,

So today I made the third meal in my Home Chef delivery.  I was not very impressed with this meal, the flavor was good but I ran into some problems, the potatoes had some rotten spots I had to cut out to be able to use, but that can be normal with potatoes so it was not a big deal. Who ever packaged this meal left out the spices which I understand accidents happen. But like I said the flavor was good. I was not very impressed with it and my husband said it was just alright not as good as the last two.
 I am looking forward to my next meals coming this Thursday. So I will be back making my own meals until Thursday once more. Since tomorrow is July 4th I am making BBQ ribs, we are doing low carb so I am replacing my potatoes in my potato salad with cauliflower. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
Happy 4th of July everyone, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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