Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mega Cake

Do you think this cake is big enough? I like to do some really crazy things when I bake. I figure for one of my huge Sunday dinners I would make a four layer cake with chocolate whipcream frosting. It had a chocolate layer, frosting then here is what makes it really good (I don't like chocolate but this was good) I made a cheesecake and added it as a layer, then more frosting, another chocolate layer more frosting and the last chocolate layer. It was so heavy when I went to pick it up and move it. I made another one with a white cake and only three layers, and the cheesecake was a strawberry one I was playing around with. I just blended fresh strawberries and added them to the cheesecake batter before I baked it. This is a picture of that cake and the recipe farther down the blog.

Just thought I would share my mega cake with you all.

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