Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Dinner

I have to say it is great to hear your teen boy ask if I put Wasabi in my mashed potatoes, I was out of Wasabi so the answer was no. It is my favorite way to have mashed potatoes; I only add the tops of green onions when I make it this way and not gravy.
decided it was time to make a Sunday Roast today. The great thing about making roast on a Sunday I can just shove it in the oven and then only have a few small things to do when I get home from church. My oven is still broken so I had to use the church oven.
I made two small roast so I can have dinners for the next few days unless someone eats it all before. I have to be at work at midnight and figured I would be coming home to bed right after work so this will save some time.

My roast is just a super easy recipe.
2 large onions
Salt and pet is super roast and slice up the onion and throw it on top of roast in a dutch oven along with about a 1/2 a water, cover. Put in a 350 oven for a few hours, about 15 minutes before it is done remove lid and set oven to 400. Set aside for about 15 minutes. This way you can get the rest of your stuff ready for the table and it helps the roast stay moist.

I did this one really easy, I removed the roast from the pan and onto a plate. I added about a half cup of flour and stirred and cooked it for a few minutes and then added enough water to make a somewhat thick gravy, not too thick because it will thicken while it sits.

The recipe for my tart is below, (if you are on my facebook page, if not I will post it above this recipe)
 I did add some honey to the cream cheese and I used a vanilla honey Greek yogurt this time and it was much better than the plain Greek yogurt. I also used my shortbread cookie recipe for the crust; I like the sugar cookie recipe much better.


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