Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I wanted to make hamburgers today so this is what I did and they were a huge hit with the guys. (Hubby and boys)
Ground beef
Bold A1 sauce
garlic power
Then I took onions and sliced them thin and added them to an egg that I mixed with cream, salt, pepper and Cayenne pepper, then I mixed in flour and corn starch and fried them in oil until they were crispy, these were great.
OK, I hate to admit this but I hate to fry hamburger because it is so messy so I bake mine in 400 degree oven.
I place them on whole wheat buns with mayo, a little mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and a good pile of fried onions. They were huge and Jacob ate two.


Thomas Andrew said...

Those onions sound great! I love fried onions on my burger.

My Crazy Family said...

They were really good, we were eating them by themselves and my husband and 13 year old were fighting over the left overs, I think I will add them to my chichen sandwich next time amke them.