Friday, June 10, 2011

Club Sandwiches

My son has been talking about Club Sandwiches for awhile now so I figure I would make them for dinner. I did them just a little different this time. I know you all know how to make club sandwiches but I wanted to add it here for my son while he is away from home (he joined the Air Force)  he can come on here and look for recipes. :o)

This is why this  blog got started, my kids were getting older and moving out and they would call home for recipes, so I started a blog, it was not this one (I have no idea where the first one went) but I started adding recipes they ate while growing up and then it took off it to this somehow. I would love to find the first blog I started and add all those recipes here.

Wheat Bread
Toast bread. One on slice add mayo, turkey, Bacon, tomatoes, add another slice of bread (My husband loves mayo so I put some on all of his slices ours only has it on the top and bottom) then add ham, avocado and lettuce and then add the last slice of toasted bread and cut into 1/4 and stick a tooth pick in each 1/4 to keep together.

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