Thursday, November 29, 2012

The True Olive Connection

Today my husband and I went downtown for lunch and decided to walk around a little. Across the street from Cafe' Gratitude is a The True Olive Connection and a nut place, sorry can't remember the name of the nut place, we did buy some great pumpkin sugar almonds though. But back to the Olive Connection, you are able to sample all the olive oils and balsamic vinegar, I was so full from lunch that I could not try anything else so I had my husband try them. The oils where good and I will be going back to get some before Christmas. I also had my husband try some of the balsamic vinegar I am not sure which ones he tried but I tried the black cherry one.....oh my! I could just drink this out of the bottle it was so good. I was thinking of using it on salad and also as a marinade for chicken. I bet it it would be great on pineapple. I rarely write about something I buy but it you live in the Santa Cruz area you need to go check them out. I can't wait to go back in there and buy some more.

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