Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Raising a Chef

My 13 year old son Jacob wants to be a chef when he grows up. He said this way he can eat good food when ever he wants. This kid can eat but the one think I notice about him he does not like to eat sweets very much. That might explain why he is so skinny. Well I figure this will be the year we do a lot of cooking together, He can do the cooking while I am at school. See I have it planned all out. LOL When he is in the mood for cookies he will make some. It is so funny because he is tall for his age but I still see him as a little boy, my girl's were cooking and winning baking contest at his age, but I just see a little boy with a very deep voice when I see him. So I better train him now, he just turned 13 December 20th So keep an eye out for meals by Jacob. Maybe I will start him a food blog, maybe not he is such a crazy kid I would spend more time crying from laughing so hard that I would not look at the food. Some of the stuff he writes in his facebook makes us laugh so much. So here is Jacob, I think you will be seeing more of him and maybe his brother Daniel my nine soon to be ten year old. Where does the time go.

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