Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Pork Loin

Fruit platter

Pork Loin
Well I thought I would be good and cook a low fat meal, I know you are all shocked. I took a large Pork Loin and cut it in half, I butterflied the pork and stuffed them with asparagus, spinach, salt, pepper and chipotel and rolled it up and tied it. The other one had onions and garlic in it and rolled on top (I did not like this one much) The first one was a huge hit because of the spice. Then I cooked rice in chicken broth with balsamic vinegar. Now if you wonder how much of each item I used I have no idea, I do not measure when I cook, even when I am following a recipe I don't measure a lot of the stuff I put in. I then just cup up some fruit. We had salad, french bread and then our dessert.One of my desserts I cannot add yet since it is also for the DB online baking challenge.It is late and I am tired so one day I may come back and read this and try to figure out what I was trying to say. LOL


Megan said...

Wow, you already did the DB challenge? That is on my plans for the weekend!

My Crazy Family said...

I was so worried the DB picture showed up, I am having problems with this loaner computer posting all my pictures in a file even if I just want a few to show up. I have to do my early so if something happens I have it done. It took me an extra week to make them then I had planned. Good luck!