Monday, January 23, 2012

I am off work today and figure I would clean carpets (we have a new puppy, need I say more) make a turkey for dinner and some homemade bread. Well as the bread is rising and the turkey is in the oven so I thought I would make a sandwich for all of us for lunch. My 16 year old just ask that I put no avacado on his, my 12 year old did not want anthing to do with it and my husband ate two. He does not like a lot of things that I like so it always worries him when I make stuff I like. But it went over very good.
2 thick slices whole wheat bread
cream cheese, softened
slices cucumber
tablespoons alfalfa sprouts
tomato, sliced
leaf lettuce
ounce pepperoncini, sliced
avocado, mashed

Spread each slice of bread with 1 tablespoon cream cheese. On one slice of bread, arrange cucumber slices in a single layer. Cover with sprouts, Layer tomato slices, lettuce, and pepperoncini. Spread other slice of bread with mashed avocado. Enjoy


The Japanese Redneck said...

Hope you had a great day off.

Interesting sandwich.

My Crazy Family said...

Thank you. It is good. I like veggie sandwiches.