Saturday, July 26, 2008

Farmers Market.

Today I went to the Aptos Farmers market with my oldest son David and then my daughter, her husband and my sweet grandbaby met us there. I will have to go to the Farmers Market in down town Santa Cruz and take pictures, Santa Cruz is a planet all by itself. I will admit it is a beautiful place but we have so many strange people. I guess that is what makes it what it is. I will try to get to the Farmers Market downtown this Wednesday.

Yummy, we have the best strawberries in the whole world!

These were so huge!!
I love Sunflowers I forgot to pick up the okra.


String band


I hate egg plant but the color was too beautiful to pass up.

This kitten seemed to be praying someone would adopt him.

There is a string band that plays every week at the Farmers market.

This was one of the ladies in charge of the Salsa contest that I did not win. LOL I just like entering them. Next contest is Harvest, I have a few great recipes I might make for it.

I grilled these with olive oil and salt and pepper

these nectarines are really good.
Some of my stuff I picked up
There was a balloon guy making some really cool balloons, I wish I could had gotten the shot with the huge spider he did.


Yours Truly said...

I love farmer's markets! Just for the record you don't have the best strawberries...Watsonville does! LOL

My Crazy Family said...

But since I live in Santa Cruz and we get our strawberries from Watsonville that still counts. LOL So HA! :o)
Lack of sleep must be getting to me.