Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting ready for the 4th.

Well I am slowly getting ready for the 4th or in my house it is another reason to cook and decorate. Yesterday I got my meat in my homemade Teriyaki sauce and put it in the freezer or my Kabobs. Then my oldest son wants a fruit tart so I will make that tomorrow. I am going to BBQ chicken and maybe some burgers, I think I will make some baked beans and BBQ some watermelon.

I made some cookies today while the boys were at the Boys and Girls club, they had a blast and it gave them a chance to make some new friends.

So I tried to come up with a red, white and blue cookie and decided to color sugar cookie dough and add sprinkles, then I made my Watermelon cookies. I could not find my recipe so I looked one up and then decided to save time and use a package sugar cookie mix and add peppermint extract to it for the flavor I wanted. I have a lot to do and plan on dropping the boys off again tomorrow and getting the rest done.

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