Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Name Swap

I have joined a name swap on one of the blogs I belong to, it is going to be very exciting. I have So, What else, What else. what else? as the one I will swap with. If I have read her blog right she just moved to Chicago. I enjoy going to Chicago when we go to stay at our house in Indiana during the summer, we rented it out this year so we did not get back there. Then there was last year when I took out the side of my husbands brand new truck, when I say brand new I mean maybe he made one payment on it, but I don't think he even made his first payment yet. I was going to park it in one of those garages and the guy that worked there told me I was fine, well I was not. I did not take out the side I just put a good dent and took off the paint all the way to the metal. I had never had a ticket or an accident before so this was all new for me, and it had to be his new truck. It was not a good year for me. When we got back to California the next month we went into Starbucks in the mall to get ice green tea before we went for our birthday massage and I backed up into a lady in the parking lot. I was backing up very slowly so it did no harm, she wanted to get three quotes on her bug was the message she left on my phone and I was willing to pay whatever it was to get fixed. The auto shop must had told her it was nothing so she never called me back.
Well back to my name swap, I think this is going to be a lot of fun, I have a lot of ideas when I went to the farmers market and thought that would be nice to send out.
Well I did not bake today, something really sweet came into my arms and I did not want to put him down, so I will do it tomorrow.

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