Friday, November 14, 2008

Meal for hubby's job

So I figure I would take a picture of most of the meal I made for my hubby's job. I made two of these pans full, plus garlic bread. We thought of making salad but with only $150.00 budget we were not able to. I could had cut back on the cheese and all the meat but these are all men I am cooking for so I knew it needed a lot of meat. There is about 12 pounds of meat, six pounds in each lasagna and about six pounds of cheese in each. I have ground beef and Italian sausage in it and four different types of cheese.
Plus five cases of soda and a case of water. and three loaves of garlic bread plus the cranberry bars. I think they will be set for tonight. I hope they enjoy it.
Well my husband just called and he said it was a hit.

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