Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing around with pumpkin bread

I make this bread with a starter I keep on hand, I take a couple of cups out to make these and I just add a cup of flour, sugar and milk to keep it in supply so when I need it. I think I might make some French Bread with it once this starter is ready to use. I have been using this starter for a few months now and hope to keep it going for years. I really like this bread, I make it without as many nuts for two reason, the main reason is because they cost so much anymore but the other reason is not everyone likes nuts in my family. I added a little too much cloves for my taste this time, I have to be careful with the nutmeg because I love nutmeg, I put it in all my baked goods and some of the winter squashes I make. As I am writing this I am wondering what I am going to make for Sunday's dinner...I think about Sunday's dinner all week. I think I will make pulled beef sandwiches. I will post Sunday's meal if I remember. :o)

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