Sunday, November 30, 2008


I make a couple hundred Tamales every year, well I did not make that many this year but I am thinking about making some more later this month. I always give them away.
I order my masa premade but this year they did not do a good job and I did not make my meat as hot as I always do, one of my daughters were glad because she said she is able to eat them this year. Big baby! LOL This is my I don't use a recipe day for the things I post. I have a lot of recipes I have in my head that I can tell you what I did but cannot tell you how much I put in it.
The Chulpa recipe was one I got from my mother in-law and I just changed a few things because I love lots of flavor and spices. Well my husband had decided to watch a movie on his XBox with Netflix it looks like one of those movies that my boys and husband will enjoy and sends me running into my room to watch cooking or something.LOL Many years ago my husband started something with our boys, every Sunday night is their night, they stay up a little later and all four of them sleep in the front room, I have no idea how long this will last since my oldest son is 17 and he is still doing it. :o) It is something they all look forward to and I get the whole bed to myself, that is unless my youngest son decides it is Mom and Danny's night.
Good night all.

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