Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

A sleeping Angel

Christmas Dinner

This is Daniel our youngest child.

Here is Jacob

This is our oldest son David and middle son Jacob.

This is our daughter Kimberly and our grandson Noah, who just happens to be Kim's son.

This is our soon to be son-in-law Ryan, we had to get him the shirt and I don't feel too bad because Kristine liked it when she seen it and told
us we should. LOL

This is our daughter Kristine.

This is the gift Ryan gave to our son-in-law Eric. Christmas in our house will never be the same. LOL It has changed a lot since Eric came into the family. He loves gag gifts. There has been a gift that has been going back and forth between Eric and our daughter Kristine (his sister in-law.) It is a urinal filled with all sorts of gross molding stuff, candy cookies and only the Lord knows what else. It has just been handed off yesterday for the third year. Now that Kristine is getting married in May it will move to her new home with her and Ryan will help her add to it, this could get really gross. I just hope no one goes to the bathroom in it and pass it on. So far my daughter Kim (Eric's wife) has kept him from doing that.

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