Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

I finished these up last night about 1:00am I won't tell you when I started them. I will give you a hint, I made them all but sewed the bells and put the fur around them and then I put them away until the next season. LOL I know I take on a lot of stuff during the holidays and I never seem to be able to finish them up. LOL I will be using these on my table and putting a napkin and my silverware as well as a candy cane into each of them. I will take a picture of it all when I am done.

Here is part of the baking I am doing along with many of the other post and recipes above and I am sure above also that will be posted in the next few days.

Then I decided to stop and throw some steaks on. There is a place is WI and they are now also in Chicago called the Spice house, if you have never ordered from them you have to check them out online. I started ordering from them about 16 years ago, when I went to WI. to visit my daughter, she took us to a little area called Old World 3rd street. Well I walked into the shop and right away I knew that smell.
Gayle was my blog exchange when we all sent stuff from our area where we live and she just happened to had just moved to Chicago and I just had to tell her about the spice house, well she loves it. I hope sge found about about Garrets Caramel Corn also...yum!!
I forgot where I was going with this, Oh, Gayle sent me some Chicago steak seasoning (love the stuff) and I decided to use the rest up last night and cook some steaks.

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