Friday, April 2, 2010

Our 2010 Easter dinner (Ham)

1 (12 pound) bone-in ham
10 whole cloves
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 (20 ounce) can pineapple rings in heavy syrup
1 (4 ounce) jar chopped maraschino
1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottle lemon-lime
flavored carbonated beverage

1.Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (160 degrees C).
2.Place ham in a roasting pan. Score the rind of the ham with a diamond pattern. Press a clove into the center of each diamond. Drain the juice from the pineapple rings into a medium bowl, and stir in the brown sugar and lemon-lime soda. Coat the ham with this mixture. Arrange the pineapple rings over the outside of the ham. Place a maraschino cherry in the center of each pineapple ring, and secure with a toothpick.
3.Bake uncovered for 4 to 5 hours, basting frequently with the juices, until the internal temperature of the ham is 160 degrees F (72 degrees C). Be sure the meat thermometer is not touching the bone. Remove toothpicks before serving"


The JR said...

Looks like everyones enjoying their meal!

My Crazy Family said...

My Grandson thoought he would try the watergate salad. he was not sure about it at first but ended up liking it.

Unknown said...

**Wipes drool off screen**