Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Bob's Sauce

I cannot believe I forgot to blog about this. Might be because I was on a detox diet when it came in.
I won these from a contest I entered from Two Southern girls and boy am I glad I did, the sauce is GREAT!! I made some hamburgers and added some to the meat then mixed it in before I made the patties. They were a huge hit and went faster then any burger I have ever made. I had to find the one bottle for something else I have planned because my kids were pouring it on their fingers and eating it plain. It is great on Steaks, I have had with with chicken and it is so good. I brushed my steaks with it while the were grilling, my husband asked me what I did different with the steaks because they were great. I buy A1 and it sits in there for about six months or more. This one bottle was gone in less then a week because either I tried it with everything or the kids got to it. I will admit I also tasted it out of the bottle to see what it tasted like, it was good even by it's self. Go on over to Country Bob's www.countrybobs.com
and check out their stuff then come on back and let me know how what you bought and how you used it.

Have a wonderful week.

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