Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook | Cottage Cheese Cookies

Facebook Cottage Cheese Cookies:

"I know you are thinking, Cottage! How can you make cookies out of cottage cheese and have them taste good. I promise you these are GREAT! You need to give them a try. Pictures will be posted soon.

2 cups sifted all-purpose flour
1 cup cold butter
1 cup (8 ounces) plus 2 tablespoons cream-style cottage cheese
Raspberry jam
1 cup confectioners' sugar
1/8 teaspoon almond extract
Place flour in a medium bowl; cut in butter as for pie crust. Blend in cottage cheese until mixture forms a ball (can use a food processor). Chill 1 hour.
On a floured surface, roll dough to 1/8-in. thickness. Cut with a 3-in. round cutter. Place a level 1/4 teaspoon of jam in center of reach cookie. Moisten edges and fold in half; seal tightly with a fork. Place on lightly greased baking sheets; prick tops with fork.
Bake at 400° for 15 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool on wire racks. For glaze, combine the sugar, extract and enough milk to make thin spreading consistency; drizzle over cooled cookies. Yield: 4 dozen."

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