Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pirate Cake

Sunday I had this sweet little blonde hair blue eyed boy run up to me with a cooking magazine in his hands and say,
"Grandma, will you make me this cake'" how could you not say yes to such a sweetie. Mommy and Daddy are having a date night tonight and Noah is coming over to Grandma and Grandpa's tonight, well he is really coming over to play with Uncle Jacob and Uncle Danny but as long I make a cake he will at least say a few words to me before going off to lay with his Unle Jacob for the night. For you who do not know, Noah is 3 and Jacob is 15, Jacob will drop everything when Noah comes over, if he has a choice to go with his friends or see Noah he will pick Noah, if we go some place and he does not want to go all we have to say is Noah is coming and he will change his mind. Noah has been the center of Jacob's life from the moment he held him a few minutes after his birth, the first words he said to Noah were "I am going to teach you to be so evil." I am glad to say he has not done that. Jacob is a very good 15 year old so I am not too worried, now he is a huge joker so for Noah's Mom's sake I hope that does not rub off on him. For an example, I was using the church bathroom one day during the week and Jacob decided to used a chair and locked me in the bathroom, after a few threats and yelling for my husband to make him open it I was let out. My whole family loves to play jokes but I think Jacob might be the worse well, his Dad might be a little worse. :o)


The Japanese Redneck said...

It turned out cute.

My Crazy Family said...

I will be the fisrt to admit I am no good at decorating cakes. ;o)