Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taco Salad

My husband use to teach the single adults at our old church and we use to have a blast with them, we have

so many wonderful memories. We had a party at our condo once with about 40 young adults and one of the kids Jason was in the back room jumping off the bunk bed with my girls, they did not tell me about that until after the party.

We had a Olympic day at the park on one of our outings and I can still remember Chris racing on the tricycle and having to drink all the juice out of the baby bottle to win the race.

Pizza outing and in the busy pizza place Art standing up on a chair to give thanks and the whole place went
quiet. I believe all these young adults are now married with families of their own. I hope they know how special they were to us. There were so many more but if I mentioned them all it would take me forever to write this. When I make Cheddar Bay biscuits I think of Linda, the first time I had them was when she made them and they were so much better then Red Lobsters. :o)

We had an a lot of great memories with them and every time I make this salad I think of Leigh-Anne, we had a
pot-luck and she made this taco salad and since then it has been a favorite of my kids as well as my husband and myself. I may not make it the same as Leigh-Anne did but each time I make it I think of her. tacos. She is now married with four of her own children.

I make this taco salad different every time.
Maybe I can get Leigh-Anne to post her recipe here. :o)

Here is the recipe I made today.

Ground beef, cooked and drained (I always use taco seasoning but was out today)
Kidney Beans
Cheese, shredded
Lettuce, chopped
Chopped tomatoes, I add these after because most of my kids do not like tomatoes.
Cucumber sliced thin (this is the first time I did this, I was out of olives)
Red onion, diced
Pace Salsa, we like ours hot
Tub sour cream

Doritos, squeeze while in bag to
break up.

Mix salsa and sour cream together
and chill. You depend on how much sour cream, salsa you want, I like more salsa
then sour cream.

Mix all the other ingredients
together besides the chips, add sour cream salsa dressing and mix then either
mix in the Doritos or sprinkle on top.

What I remember the most about
Leigh-Anne making this was mixing it is a trash bag because she made such a
large amount. :o)

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Taco salads make a good meal.