Monday, August 11, 2008

David's 17th Birthday!

Today August 11, 2008 our oldest son turned 17 he wanted to have a game night for his birthday.
David wanted Gyros for dinner, Geggie from the Taste from Home name exchange, sent me some spices from the Spice house for the sauce for the Gyros, it was really good.
We had a lot of fun and food. My oldest daughter Brandi from IL called to wish David a happy birthday and everyone thought they would pass the phone along to all the guys before it got to David. A new victim for the guys to all pester. We don't fall for it here but Brandi does not know two of them very well. For the party boxes I made caramel corn and since it was a game night I got chocolate dice and chocolate money for the popcorn boxes also.
Well it is almost midnight so I think I am heading to bed, it has been a long day for me.

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