Saturday, August 16, 2008

Picnic Sunday

Well at church tomorrow we are having Picnic Sunday. Then Monday off to the state fair, I won't tell him it is suppose to be 107 degrees because he won't go. We don't get many days over the high 60's love 70's here during the summer.

Anyway back to Picnic Sunday. I always like to make something for the kids when we have a Pot-Luck at church. I was going to make cupcakes, then I remember the cake suckers fro

m Bake or Break, you need to check it out, she makes so many cute things. So last night I was baking my cake and turning it into crumbs, my husband and kids had thought I lost my mind when I mixed the frosting in it. My husband is at work today so he has not seen what I did with that mess. My kids have and I am having a hard time making them leave them alone.

I cannot believe how much those edible markers cost, I could not get mine to write very well on the candy melts. Maybe it is because I added a flavor extract to it. They taste good but I am a perfectionist and want it to look as good as hers also. =) I guess I would rather it taste good and look funny then look good and taste horrible.

These are so easy and I did make mine bigger. I will let you know how the go over tomorrow.

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