Friday, August 15, 2008

Not Chicken again!!

Well today I went to the freezer and I seen chicken and vanilla beans, I figured my family would not be too excited to eat vanilla beans for dinner so I took out the chicken breast. But what was I going to make again with chicken that was different. If I had pork or beef I could make pulled beef or pork sandwiches. Well the old rusty wheels started turning and I figure I would make pulled chicken sandwiches. They were sooooo good. I put my frozen chicken breast in a large pan and added a little water and some salt and put the lid on it. I went off doing other stuff and came back a while later and took the chicken out to cool so I could debone it. I took the chicken I pulled off the bone and threw it in the pot, after I poured the water out and then added my BBQ sauce. No I did not make homemade sauce this time, I went the simple way this time. I put back on the lid and cooked it on low for awhile, then I toasted the rolls and it was dinner time. The family loved it. I think we like it better then the beef or pork.

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