Saturday, August 16, 2008


It is 6:10 PM and the weather is 63 degrees, did I tell you it is August and it should be hot in August. Oh wait, it has been cold all summer. Remind me why we bought a pool for our back yard. Now in Indiana I understand why we have a pool. We also have great storms in Indiana, we don't have real weather here in Santa Cruz, California. But it is a beautiful place, and if it was hot all the time I would complain about the heat. LOL

Well, I was going to take the boys to the beach today but it was too cold. Danny wanted to go swimming in the pool but he is getting over a cold so I did not think it would be a good idea to get in the cold water in this cold weather.

Well then I thought maybe we would go out to dinner tonight since I have the gift certificate to the Shadow Brook. But then I thought I would just grill some steaks on the stove and make bake potatoes, I have a few zucchini from my garden I cooked up to go with it. I just added salt, pepper and Chipotle chili to my steaks before I grilled them. Oh my goodness don't breath in to deep when you are cooking with Chipotle, I never heard so much coughing going on and that was from the ones in the dining room. =) The steaks were great, nice and tender also.
I was having fun taking pictures with all this steam coming off the pan. I think I cook so much more so I can take pictures for my blog. I just wish I would remember to take pictures of more of the items I cook. =) Can you smell those steaks? Yummy!


Anonymous said...

COLd??? It was so hot today! Noah broke out with Heat rash, I had to undress him while we were out, he was just in his onsie. Poor guy.

My Crazy Family said...

Not here, it was too cold to go to the beach or swimming. I am in the cold spot, you and Lisa live in the warm areas. I hate how cold it has been this summer. I hope we have a lot of storms this winter though.