Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We had a great sell on pears $0.57 a pound so I bought tons, OK not tons but a lot. There were about ten left and they were getting too soft for my family, they like to eat them when they are as hard as an apple. So I decided to make pies with them. I don't like really like pie crust but crumb topping is OK. Well one of the pies fell a little short with the filling so I seen one Granny Smith apple the boys had not eaten and I decided to add that to the one pie.
The pie was a hit with my family. We had it with vanilla ice-cream.
All I did was slice up the pears, add brown sugar, cinnamon and I love nutmeg so it goes in all my baked goods. For the crumb crust it was just four, brown sugar and butter.

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