Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving will be here soon

My husband will be turning 50 on Thanksgiving this year so not only do I have a dinner to prepare I also have a birthday to do the same day.

 I thought this craft would be fun for my Grandson to make with my boys for our table setting.


Invite Tom for Thanksgiving!

Here's a surefire way to keep little ones busy while you put the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving feast!
apples or pears
ring-shaped fruit oat cereal
mini marshmallows
large marshmallows
whole cloves
candy corn

To make Tom's tail feathers, set apple or pear on its side and then stick a few toothpicks into one end, as shown. Stack cereal rings on each toothpick until it's nearly full and then place a mini marshmallow on each end. Break a toothpick in half (Mom, you can snip with scissors for little ones.) and insert into apple or pear where you'd like the head to be. Press a large marshmallow onto this toothpick and press cloves in for Tom's eyes. Using another half toothpick, secure a piece of candy corn to the front of the marshmallow for Tom's beak. Insert 3 toothpicks into the bottom of the apple so Tom can stand up. Stick 2 more pieces of candy corn on the front 2 to make Tom's feet.

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