Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Cake

Last month I was going to make a rainbow cake but wanted something I could put together fast. I got to wondering what the effect would be if I just poured different colors in different areas of the pan, I was hoping for a tye dye look and I got it. I loved the effect. So I figure let’s try it again with different colors. I have gone back to work so this might be the last cake I make for a while. Hahaahhhahaha! That was funny, I think I would go nuts if I did not bake or cook….wait…..I am working in a bakery. :o) I might be a little behind in my posting but stay with me and I will get caught up. So go bake a cake for the fun of it.

I baked this one to have for dessert tonight, but my grandson and his Mommy (my daughter Kim) and his Daddy came over for a visit while it was baking. I frosted it and then I made coffee for everyone, you cannot have coffee without cake so I cut into it. :o)

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I've been going to make one of those myself.

The halloween cake turned out good.