Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cupcake suckers

I was making dinner and thinking did I tell everyone where I got this recipe from. Well I want you all to go check it out at Bakerella blog, I make them look like a mess she makes the so cute and has so many great ideas. Here is her blog..


I know I am sick but I can't stop cooking, I am starting to think it might be another type of illness. LOL I find when I am stressed I cook a lot. Good thing I am broke otherwise it could get real ugly. LOL

So anyhow, after making the smiling face suckers that I did not do very good on, they tasted really good even the adults love them. Or so they say. But I wanted to make them so I would not have to draw on them because when it comes to drawing it is not my cup of tea.

I had some cake mix left from the $1.00 box sale they were having and also some frosting when it was on sale. While I was out birthday shopping I picked up some chocolate and pink candy melts and just added raspberry flavoring to the pink to give a flavor. I have some ideas for Halloween and Christmas also.... well here are the pictures.


Alyse said...

ah! So cute! I don't know how to get them that small though :(

My Crazy Family said...

You take about a teaspoon and you roll them in a ball in your hand, then you shape the bottom a little smaller them the top. Stick them in the freezer and in a few hours take them our, dip your sticks in candy melts, stick them through the bottom. I would stick them back in the freezer after you do each one this way they will still be frozen when you dip them.