Monday, October 20, 2008

I think they are our new pets

So we have been talking about getting Chicken for awhile, my daughter's in-laws are moving and had nine Hens so we thought we would go for it. So we worked and built a coop and then the run. We picked up the Hens Friday. Now for a week before we got them my husband said, don't name them, don't get close to them, don't this, don't that...I mean how stupid does he think we are, naming a chicken come on! Well they take them out of the carrier and and one of them he is thinking of shooting because it is screaming at the top of it's lungs and it is late. Well since it is dark I cannot really see them. So Saturday I go out to check on them and make sure they are fed and watered, well then I seen her, the blond Hen...did I name her.....oh you know I did, her name is Marilyn. a few of the others have been named also by my boys. Have then been held, yes, they love to be held. Now we want hens for the eggs not as pets, have they given us eggs...nope....are they more like pets....yes, we have bought them nice scratch, new food, clean their coop and run every other day. Have they done anything for us in the egg department....Nope! Now lets back up a little, the man who said don't name them, hold them... was holding Marilyn today and petting her. So I don't feel so bad. LOL We could never live on a farm and raise our own food, we would look into the eyes of a cow and that would be it. We are in bad shape. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi April,

Give them a closed in pen to be able to have privacy and they may start laying eggs, also give them special egg laying feed to enhance them laying eggs. I used to have some so you could try this and see if that works. K.

amy said...

What? Where have I been? Wow! Let me know how it goes. I have always thought I would like to do this if I owned a farm house. I hear they are rather smelly and dirty though. So no fried chicken marilyn huh?

My Crazy Family said...

I guess they don't give eggs during the winter so that was a bummer. But so far they are doing great, they are getting really fat because I over feed everything. LOL
I read if you put lime down it will help with the smell. I clean out there every other day so I have not smelled anything but hay right now.