Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing around with pork chops

My son Jacob hates Pork Chops so I thought I would hide it. Well it started out just wanting to do something different with it. I decided to bread it and fry it, then I put it in a pan with can diced tomatoes, sliced onions, bell pepper and seeded jalapeno pepper and salt and pepper.
I then covered it and simmered it for about twenty minutes. Well I made sure I made a pasta dish for Jacob so if he did not like it he would have that and I also had some butternut squash from my garden I knew he would hate but zucchini that I know he likes. I had him take a bite of both squashes because he decided he hated both of them. I was right with the summer squash and he tried to pretend he hated the zucchini until I seen him sneak some more. he would not take a bite of the pork because he thought it was fish, but I have a rule at least one bite. He took a bite and decided he hated it. I told him to hide it under his pasta and try it. LOL He ate most of it. I then asked him how he liked the pork chop, he said it was gross. LOL He is such a silly kid. If I happen to look at him he ask me why I keep looking at him, I tell him it is because he is so cute and I love him. SO today we are in the truck and I have my sun glasses on and happen to look in the side mirror and he is looking in it. He then ask me why do I keep looking at him, now this has been going on for weeks. I ask him why is he looking in the mirror at himself, he tells me because he is hot. The joy of being almost 13. He is a silly kid. We Hey I even went all out for dessert tonight. LOL My new spoon was also sitting there winking at my pork chops. By the way they were really good, only the two younger kids did not care for them. One does not like pork and the other does not like meat that much.


Megan said...

the pork chops look great. I love me some pork!
The Whoopie Pies would be perfect for the Harvest at church. And they are easy, too!
Love seeing Mr. Winky!

My Crazy Family said...

They were really good. My husband and oldest son had the leftovers for lunch. I really loved the veggies that cooled with it.

Mr. Winky is a little flirt, he is winking at everyone. LOL