Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time for cake.

This is just a box cake that I added a little lemon extract to it. My cheesecake filling recipe is listed on this blog. For my whip cream frosting (I don't like buttercream) I use heavy whipping cream and whip it until it starts to slightly thicken then I add powder sugar, it depends how sweet I want it. I never measure. I add vanilla about a teaspoon in this one I added lemon extract. I also add knox that I have added a little water to and heated up to melt and cooled. About 1 pkg to 2 teaspoons of water. Add the knox at the very end and add it very slowly.

Lemon Curd

3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
3/4 cup sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed
In a 2 quart saucepan, combine lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, eggs, and butter. Cook over medium-low heat until thick enough to hold marks from whisk, and first bubble appears on surface, about 6 minutes.

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