Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello everyone,

I have been busy with a few things, I guess I will start with our vacation. We bought a use travel trailer, we have wanted one for many years and every time we saved for one something would come up. So this year we got a good amount back from our taxes and decided to go for it and not let anything get in the way. Well we took off and our first stop was a KOA right outside of Lassen. What a super sweet couple who run the place, their name slips my mind right now but I have a notebook where we wrote all about our travels and will put it in another blog. Anyhow after Lassen we headed up to Oregon, we decided to just stop off and stay in a rest stop for the night and head about again early the next morning since we were headed to Washington. Well We got in to Washington and Stayed at Dungeon's for the night, it was raining and muddy and the spot we had leaned to the right way too much. Well we walked around the Sound, went into Port Angles and then Port Townsend both are cute little towns. Well the next day we took the Ferry into Victoria BC It was a cute little town but very expensive.
So we Went back to Port Angeles and one of my kids wanted to eat at the Italian restaurant that Bella and Edward ate at but my husband hates Pasta so off we headed back to our camp spot.
The next day we headed to Forks, yes just to see the little town. We could not go all that way and not drive another hour to see it. The drive was beautiful.
Well we went to Seattle and went the Sci-Fi museum and to see the needle, the weather was very foggy so we felt it would be a waste to pay to go up to see nothing. Well also went to Pikes Market place, had to see the first Starbucks. Once I do the full post and add the pictures I will add a link to it.
Well to make a long story short, from there we headed back to California and to our favorite camp spot for a few days. The night of our last stay my 14 year old decided to break his arm in two places. Good thing we already got the trailer. :o) So he was in pain all that night, but we never heard a sound from him. We gave him our bed and my husband and I slept on the sofa. Well here he is with a broken arm and he don't hear him, but my 18 year old got a sun burn and we heard him all night long. LOL
Well we got his arm set the next day. The next week we went camping again with two of my daughter, grandson and our two son-in-laws along with the five of us. No one got hurt.
Well today I was going through some stuff and found a lot of my old recipes, some over 24 years old. I have been on a detox diet so I have not been able to cook stuff but I want to add the recipes before they get lost forever. I will add pictures to them as I make them. These are tried and true recipes. So be on the look out for them. One is a rice dish my friend Pat made us after I had my third daughter 24 years ago. I wonder if she still makes the dish.

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